It was a rage,  Burning inside of me,  Like a fire, with the force of a storm,  It kept growing,  Like petrol was being poured into it, With no extinguisher  or water to quench it.  I lost control,  BOOM!!! it exploded!  I screeeeamed mean words,   Scattered the place,  And broke into pieces the furniture.  My … Continue reading Fire



Rivers in Deserts Streams in drylands Rain in arid lands A protected path in the forest... Dryland amist the oceans Foods during famine Warmth in the cold Coolness in the heat Sun in the rain The hope for the hopeless... ©SweetBitterleaf


"Slowly!"  "Slowly!!"  "You are going too fast!!!"  "Press the Break!!!!!"  My dad's driver repeated these sentences to me. I was having my first driving lesson. I finally got the courage to hold the steering. It was fun and very exciting.  At first, I was very nervous. My mind had replayed many dangerous driving moments. I … Continue reading First