I am a woman Yes I am I am filled with expectations. Some of which I feel are hard, Mean and selfish. They say it's a man's world, And we women run it. Irony isn't it? I want equity not equality. We are different, Even the uniqueness of our bodies, Give us away. I am … Continue reading She



We are often encouraged to learn the virtue of patience as it is very important in the trials and tribulations life brings to us. Patience is even more important during a weight-loss journey. It is often accompanied with consistency. I have tried to be consistent both in diet and exercise. Although yesterday, I ate a … Continue reading Patience

Day 28

DIET!!! The importance of diet cannot be over emphasized while on a weight loss journey. Diet makes up to 80% of the whole thing while exercise takes the remaining 20%. I never fully understood and accepted the saying; You are what you eat Until now... I have noticed that proteins and vegetables are the best … Continue reading Day 28